Disruptive Solutions

We build...

Disruptive Solutions

WordPress websites and functions with the latest technology.

Data analytics solutions in Excel and Power BI.

Technology frontier

We help small business owners and start ups to disrupt their business by utilizing cutting edge and low cost technology.

With AI and the latest automations you can come further with less. Achieve more at scale.

Our Solutions


We offer comprehensive WordPress solutions to elevate your online presence, from building and optimizing websites to implementing cutting-edge features.

Our Solutions


We deliver expert Excel and Power BI solutions that empower data-driven decision-making, offering precise data analysis and interactive visualizations for business growth.

About us

We love innovation

We believe that in order to provide the most value to our clients we need to be in the front of innovation.

This is why we boast on offering multiple AI technologies to our clients websites and expert consultancy when analyzing data and building analytical dashboards for your business.

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